A Little Arm Candy

Wrist action in NYC earlier this week. Photo courtesy of VOGUE PARTIES.

Scanning recent photos of the fashion set, and by fashion set I mean the Battaglia/Restoin-Roitfeld/Barbieri types we spot at fashion weeks around the globe, I’ve noticed a new phenomenon: wrist action. Layering on ten plus bracelets and the odd cuff tossed in has become de rigeur for this crowd. It’s the mix of material that generates that fashionable non-chalance…a little gold, a bit of Links of London silver, a lot of friendship cords (because everyone wants to be your friend, right?) and a chunky cuff. The look works wonderfully, especially if you’re carrying a swish clutch to which you want to draw attention. Just be sure your manicure is up to speed and you keep the sleeves at elbow length, be it in their cut or cinched up. With the weight of all that arm candy, you will also want to refrain from overly dynamic hand gestures; keep it to a shoulder-height open palm brief wave at the most. It’s a great training aide to keep you in check from appearing too overtly accessible – an attitude essential to get you a decent seat at any fashion week collection.

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