Chrissy Tiegen, January Jones and Alexa Chung demonstrate the #sheetmaskselfie

It’s a very on-point look to post on your Instagram account according to the queens of social media like Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Chrissy Tiegen. I’m talking sheet masks (#sheetmaskselfie). If you’re anything like me, you are in prime hibernation mode this month, so it’s a great time to connect with your inner Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter (pick your horror hero) and try one out. Just be sure to wait till your significant other is fast asleep…we had a week of night terrors in our home when I forgot to do so.

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Winter Weekend Warrior

Weekend winter warriors should be warm and comfy above all else.

Right around this time of year, post holidays and pre-spring break, the easy wearability of the winter weekend wardrobe is what floats my boat. Comfort is key and the rules are dictated by practical, rather than frivolous elements of the season; what works and looks good is, of coarse, determined by the weather.

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When you’re feeling like a special little snowflake

The thing I absolutely cannot stand about winter (besides the boot wrecking salt) is the dry air that turns my scalp and hair into a static, parched version of the Sahara. Add to that the fact that I highlight my hair, wear volume depleting hats and enjoy a seasonal party circuit, which mandates thrice weekly blow outs combined with a diet rich in sinful dehydrating goodies. Suffice it to say I could very well have a dull, flat, flyaway mane situation with some (gasp!) buzz-killing flakes, in desperate need of first aid.

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Plum Perfect

Is plum the new navy?

Plum, burgundy, maroon…call it what you will it remains a regal, classic color that always reminds me of winter. How does it differ from purple? Well technically it IS purple, just with some red and brown tones. It always translates as superglam and speaking of fashion super powers…has the ability to transcend trends.

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Raindrops on Roses

Julie Andrews may have dreamed of mitts and a kettle but my wish list is a tad better.

If there’s one thing that comes to mind at this time of year, aside from the crowded malls, posters suggesting lipgloss makes a good stocking stuffer and my mom’s plum pudding, it’s THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Not sure how that film became synonymous with Christmas but it’s always on a laptop or television around our house on Christmas Day. I’m no Julie Andrews but, like the song says, I do have some favourite things to give and receive. (Really hope my hubby is reading this HINT HINT).

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Post Office Dressing

For my after-work event I chose a lace/eyelet Oscar De la Renta top and skirt, paired with a Sara Battaglia for Ferragamo bag and Givenchy sandals.

Recently I was invited to an after-work event which would involve meeting new people. It got me thinking…what does one wear “after-work” to meet new people? The task was even more complicated, given that I don’t work at an office proper. The reality is few people go to these things directly from work. Most dash home to toss off the office attire and slip into something a little more playful. To that end…a few tips when navigating the tricky path of “after-work” invites.

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Anti-fashion Fashion

Vetements’ yellow dress, from their SS2016 collection, is an ode to the delicate floral prints found on the designers’ grandmother’s aprons. RiRi wore it in Sweden, I wore it in Toronto.

True Confession: I am entirely enamoured with design label Vetements. Somewhat like a sugar craving, the more I deny it the more I need it. The anti-fashion stance the Gvasalia brothers have taken at Vetements has resulted in me squandering endless hours on the net stalking certain dresses, blouses and boots.

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Knit Wit

At the AMBI2015 Inaugural Gala in my Mark Fast dream dress.

Mark Fast is Canada’s best export; better than oil, vehicles or cereals (yes, apparently we export large quantities of that ?!) While not readily recognizable to some, he is well known to the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce who are both customers and fans. He’s beyond sweet and kind and even told the Daily Mail once he would NEVER think of paying a celebrity to sit in his front row but would  “…rather spend the money on the work itself.” Add integrity and pure artistry to his list of admirable qualities.

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Mrs. Hilton Checks In

(From left) Rick Hilton, Kathy Hilton (in Chanel), Graham Alloway (my hubby), and yours truly in an Isabel Marant Jacket and a Maison Martin Margiela silver choker. Photo: Korby Banner

My beautiful friend, Kathy Hilton, popped in to Toronto this Spring. She was here to act as Honorary Chair for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre BELIEVE IN FASHION event, featuring a runway show by Canadian grown superstar designer Erdem Moraglioglu. (For those who need to know it’s ER-dem Moralee-oh-glue).

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