Pink is Ok On a Grey Rainy Day

The engraved metal and lucite handle is like jewelry.

Recently, in my neck of the woods, we’ve had quite a few grey days. The kind that make you want to creep back under your duvet and commiserate with the offbeat guests of The Maury Show, all the while nursing a leftover container of take-out satay beef rice noodles. This sort of behavior is fine every once in a while but some days you’ve just got to get up, get out and get the job done. I say knock back that grey sky by giving it a pink garnish.

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Emmanuelle Alt

Her name means God is with us in its Hebrew origins. Fitting since this Voguette is somewhat of a religious figure when it comes to fashion. She never seems to smile, but why would she? It might clash with her sharp, bad-ass, strong and sexy style persona. Besides, her trademark “smirk” is far more effective than a give-it-all-away grin.

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“…she always wears high heels because, according to her, flat shoes are for quitters.”Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) referring to his wife Avery Jessup on 30Rock.

Oh no. That is not a typo. You read correctly…FLATFORMS. Learn that word. Rhymes with platforms. Finally designers have heard and answered my prayers and created a shoe for me. You see, like millions of others, I suffer from a debilitating disease. I am allergic to flats. Oh I have tried to wear them…I know they are sensible, I know they are good for me, I know they are the choice of healthy people everywhere (gee, it sounds like I’m describing brussel sprouts!). I just have not been able to do it. I am height challenged and if it’s not 4 inches plus (102mm for the metrics) it’s not for me.  Enter the flatform. Spring’s beautiful new shoe. Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Derek Lam…they all did a version. Oh how they lift and support…just like a great bra! Prada even did a take on the classic oxford. Be still my heart. I’ll be wearing them for after-school pick up, to soccer games, trips to the dentist; anywhere a sensible girl ought to wear her sensible shoes.

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Sparkles and Feathers and Newsprint

Hooray! So many years in the making in my head and I finally have my own blog. Why the title? Well it all started with a dress I bought in Paris in 1998 at Christian Dior. It was a newsprint print and was John Galliano’s hommage to the homeless and the fashion world’s excesses. Very deep. Flash forward to a Gucci store opening in Toronto where I wore that dress. The curator of the textile division of the Royal Ontario Museum approached me and asked if I would consider donating the dress to the museum. I did. And the rest, as they say is history. It is very important that I point out here that I wore said garment way before (months!) Particia Field dressed Sarah Jessica parker in it on Sex and the City. And two years ago when SATC2 premiered, and SJP wore the dress again, the museum had a special exhibit featuring my very own dress. Who knew fashion could be so cerebral? So that’s where the newsprint comes from…as for the sparkle…let’s just say I have yet to meet a sequin I didn’t love. Sometimes I express that love through makeup. Essie’s “A CUT ABOVE” special effect nail polish is quenching that these days. And the feathers? Well, you see, there was this pair of stellar Dior orange and purple feathered sandals that I was loving last spring…
Me, in Dior Newsprint circa 1998.
Note the groovy boots and hair sequins…agh!


In the museum…so well preserved.
Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw in 1998 and then again in 2009.
That Dior “Tahiti” feathery sandal from 2010.


Essie’s “A Cut Above”. SPARKLE!
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