Editors Play the Part


Vogue Editors (clockwise from top left): Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue), Anna Wintour (American Vogue), Francesca Sozzani (Italian Vogue), Viktoria Davydova (Russian Vogue) and Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris)

There’s American Vogue’s Anna Wintour with her signature architectural hairstyle – hauntingly reminiscent of the Capital Building, and a reputation for being as coldhearted and impassable as a New York cement skyscraper. Italian Vogue’s Francesca Sozzani’s cascading blonde locks and Romanesque profile belong on a bronze coin circa 90 BC. British Vogue’s Alexandra Shulman might appear as casual and substantial as a meal of fish ‘n chips, but sinewy majestic muscle is often flexed from under her Alexander McQueen sweaters. Emmanuelle Alt ofVogue Paris embodies French indifference, and when her endless legs strut, you’d swear the Tour d’Eiffel was in motion. And we cannot forget Russian Vogue’s Viktoria Davydova. Known for her shocking choice of cover models (including Vladimir Putin’s alleged mistress garbed in a $33k Balmain dress) and titillating cover lines, the icy blonde’s in-your-face attitude seems to be the living embodiment of post-Soviet confidence and style. Around the world, Vogue Magazine editors match their country’s greatest clichés. Coincidence or calculated fashion politics?

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