Emmanuelle Alt

Her name means God is with us in its Hebrew origins. Fitting since this Voguette is somewhat of a religious figure when it comes to fashion. She never seems to smile, but why would she? It might clash with her sharp, bad-ass, strong and sexy style persona. Besides, her trademark “smirk” is far more effective than a give-it-all-away grin. When she speaks, surprise! It’s near perfect diction, and a liquid French-accented voice. I want her to sound like scotch on the rocks, like Kim Carnes’ or Stevie Nicks’ down ‘n dirty singing voice, but instead she’s cabernet sauvignon and Marion Cotillard. She single handedly gave Balenciaga, Balmain and Guiseppe Zanotti their new-school chic, admits that the film Saturday Night Fever has inspired her styling the most, lovingly introduced Michael Jackson to the Balmain label, and patriotically wears Chanel alongside indie labels like Isabel Marant and Rick Owens. Paradoxically, she has been known to be called “mama” by her childishly chic seven year old daughter,Françoise. Ohhh, Emmanuelle Alt is just too coolio, fierce, hot, and every other grade school adjective you could summon to describe the girl who has it, knows it and wears it well. She doesn’t accessorize with diamonds nor fancy cars but rather with other Voguettes: recently identified as Geraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu. Clearly they too passed the uber leg-length measurement test I am certain they administer at theParis Vogue human resources department. Rarely ever seen in a skirt or dress, the former fashion director turned ed-in-chief at Paris Vogue says she doesn’t drink, smoke, wear makeup or exercise. Pas d’exercise? So where do those hairpin thin, unending legs come from, Emmanuelle? The fashion gods of course. Clearly she is their chosen one.

Makeup Free
Strutting it in 5 inch heels (center) flanked by two Voguettes


Never a bad choice for our girl, Emmanuelle


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