“…she always wears high heels because, according to her, flat shoes are for quitters.”Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) referring to his wife Avery Jessup on 30Rock.

Oh no. That is not a typo. You read correctly…FLATFORMS. Learn that word. Rhymes with platforms. Finally designers have heard and answered my prayers and created a shoe for me. You see, like millions of others, I suffer from a debilitating disease. I am allergic to flats. Oh I have tried to wear them…I know they are sensible, I know they are good for me, I know they are the choice of healthy people everywhere (gee, it sounds like I’m describing brussel sprouts!). I just have not been able to do it. I am height challenged and if it’s not 4 inches plus (102mm for the metrics) it’s not for me.  Enter the flatform. Spring’s beautiful new shoe. Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Derek Lam…they all did a version. Oh how they lift and support…just like a great bra! Prada even did a take on the classic oxford. Be still my heart. I’ll be wearing them for after-school pick up, to soccer games, trips to the dentist; anywhere a sensible girl ought to wear her sensible shoes.

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