Is it a Dirt? A Skress? Or Just a Mess?

(Left) Diane Kruger in 10 Crosby by Derek Lam. (Right) Blake Lively in Valentino.

Remember somewhere in 1993 when we were all wearing dresses over pants and feeling so proud of ourselves? Some of us even took it a step further and began wearing shorter skirts over pants. Well, last week there were a few reported sightings of a new look, some fashion front runners are trying to trend: a skirt worn over a dress. I am not totally sold on this one to date, in fact I am still searching for a name to give it, and “dirt” is pretty high on my list right now. My first thoughts turn to the brilliance of the designers who showed this look, like Alexander Wang and Derek Lam. While the US limps along with a struggling economy, why not get those who are already consuming, to consume more? Don’t just purchase a dress; get a side order of skirt to go with it. On a positive note, it is an ideal way to embrace the current trend towards kitchen-sink multi micro-prints. However, in order to be successfully executed, it must be done within a few parameters. The skirt should be pencil in width, heavier fabric than the dress and never a mini. The dress needs to be short sleeved, of a lightweight fabric, entirely void of any volume, and a few inches longer than the skirt; a shirt dress is the ideal silhouette. It would be entirely helpful if the wearer was Zoe Saldana thin. Working within all that, this look may actually work for a few bold souls, as it did for Diane Kruger and Blake Lively. Then again, we need to consider Rihanna’s recent Grammy hair and remember that when you are beautiful you can do ugly things and get away with it.

I love you, Alexander Wang, I really do. But this Pre-Fall12 skirt-over-dress look makes me think “duct tape”.


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