Mix Masters

Clockwise from left: Anna Wintour, Margherita Missoni and another front rower get it right at Valli couture.

There’s something about those front-row-gals that just take hold of what could otherwise be a fashion disaster and make it so right. Earlier this week at the Giambattista Valli couture showing in Paris, the mix was it. Anna Wintour intermingled suede, animal print, applique and a spattering of sparkle. The effect was playful and elegant.  Margherita Missoni combined a floral lamé lightweight knit top and an animal skin skirt with roaring success.  And a Parisian stunner wowed in a topper that blended animal print and feathers, over an otherwise austere black dress.  The key to proper amalgamation of this sort is to keep the overall presentation from appearing kooky .  Obvious choices include opaque tights and minimal accessories.  You also want to pay close attention to depth; be sure your fabrics are flat as opposed to fluffy. And of course it’s crucial that one know when to call a halt.  Case in point the lovely Diane Kruger, who almost always gets it right. The feathers and fur and beading and such were akin to an over frothed cappuccino, proving there can be too much of a good thing…even in Paris…in the front row of Valli couture.

Diane Kruger takes “the mix” a bit too far.


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