Oscars 2013: Wrap Up

I am neither an art director nor in the business of public relations, but if I was…does it get any better than this?

Art Director’s Dream: the iconic tumble courtesy of Dior clad Jennifer Lawrence.

Art Director’s Dream: the iconic tumble courtesy of Dior clad Jennifer Lawrence.

Is it just me or did Anne Hathaway look like she made all of her “Oscar night” dresses in Home Ec 101?

Anne Hathaway in (from left) Saint Laurent at the Vanity Fair party, Prada for the awards show and Armani for the Les Mis number.

Jen got it backwards this year…she did a warm dress with cool highlights in her hair. In 2009 she did a cool dress with warm highlights.

Wearing a column Valentino metallic dress in 2009 (left). This year in a red Valentino (right), Jennifer Aniston missed her mark.

Jessica Chastain practices her poses in front of a mirror (strategic placement for hand wave, weight on back foot, chin down), while Kerry Washington (hand shadowing face, rounded shoulders, unfocused gaze) clearly does not.

Jessica Chastain (left) strikes a picture perfect pose, while Kerry Washington (right) needs more mirror time.
Charlize Theron is our new girl crush. She has immaculate style (love her less-is-more Dior), is one out of 1,000,000 women who looks gorgeous with little to no hair, dances like Ginger Rogers (who knew?), and doesn’t take herself too seriously (her “annoyed” face at Seth McFarlane’s off-colour song was filmed the day before as part of the shtick).

Clockwise from top left: grace and fluidity with Channing Tatum, “playing” disgusted, flawless on the carpet, the face that sold a million bottles of perfume, rehearsing her bit with Tatum the day before.

Halle and Jane…Message from Alexis Carrington: “No matter how hard you try you’ll never be good enough for Blake.” (Alexis throws drink at both)

Halle Berry (left) in and Jane Fonda (right) both in Versace are a little too 80’s for our palette.

Keeping in mind that “most improved” doesn’t translate to “best” but rather…largest reform, Fan Bingbing earned the title this year. She was too much of everything on the red carpet in her Marchesa, but managed redemption in her Elie Saab at the after parties. Just wish she’d deflated that tire on her head…

Fan Bingbing: Too rich and filling (left). Lighter and less syrupy sweet.(right).

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