Plum Perfect

Is plum the new navy?

Plum, burgundy, maroon…call it what you will it remains a regal, classic color that always reminds me of winter. How does it differ from purple? Well technically it IS purple, just with some red and brown tones. It always translates as superglam and speaking of fashion super powers…has the ability to transcend trends.

Never underestimate the virtues of monochromatic dressing.

What’s not to love about this rich neutral, often referred to as the new navy? Think of it as the Duchess of Cambridge (that’s the former Kate Middleton) of colors; warm and vibrant. Like Kate, plum will pack a punch in the most elegant of ways.

Plum Perfect Celebs: (left to right)
Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo & sisters Paris Hilton and Nicky Rothschild

The monochromatic outfit is a personal favorite of mine. It reads both stylish and understated, and its universally flattering no matter what your skin tone. When dressing monochrome, it’s important to consider playing with texture. Mix soft knits with slick leathers, dense suedes and fluffy furs.

If a single shade is not your vibe, try pairing plum with dark beige, black, navy, grey or even pink. Surprise! It also works very well with this season’s metallic golds. Again like Kate – plum gets along with common colors and royal ones alike.

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