Post Office Dressing

For my after-work event I chose a lace/eyelet Oscar De la Renta top and skirt, paired with a Sara Battaglia for Ferragamo bag and Givenchy sandals.

Recently I was invited to an after-work event which would involve meeting new people. It got me thinking…what does one wear “after-work” to meet new people? The task was even more complicated, given that I don’t work at an office proper. The reality is few people go to these things directly from work. Most dash home to toss off the office attire and slip into something a little more playful. To that end…a few tips when navigating the tricky path of “after-work” invites.

.a knee length dress is always a smart choice. Ditto for a chic jumpsuit.

.this is NOT work and what will read “after hours” is your ability to play with accessories. Shoes, jewellery OR bags (never all three at once) can take straight-laced to whimsical in a heart-beat. I know one CEO who always wear a fun pair of sneakers with his suits to reach that aprés hours feel.

.speaking of bags…downsize for after work. Smaller and a little more decadent is the after 5 rule.

.another area I love to have fun with is hair. Office hair is usually done on-the-run at 7am and flies safely under the radar, but after-work hair can be loose and say something about you.


My ponytail may look super serious, but from the back you can see it really isn’t. My brilliant hairdresser, Esteban, gave me a jumbo pony and teased it for maximum “wow” factor.

.you never know who you might run into especially if the event is geographically close to your workplace. Beyond that, after work events are a networker’s dream. This is not the time for your sexiest tight fitting dress.

.when it comes to your makeup, feel free to have fun with a more dramatic lined eye or a more vivid lip than the daytime version of yourself.

.dressing when meeting new people is somewhat like dressing for a job interview. You want to echo the vibe of the individuals with whom you plan to interact.

.I always like to bring a sweater or fun jacket along for the ride. Between air conditioning and strong summer breezes nothing kills the buzz like being too cold.

.keep in mind that first impressions matter. In a crowded room of post-corporate merriment, your clothes will always speak louder than words.

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