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(From left):Eva Mendes works a retro polka dot dress and cardi last week in Beverly Hills/Rochas’ S/S12 catwalk take on the look/At Diane von Furstenberg S/S12 it was hipcat retro glam.

Blame it on the success of the film The Help and the ongoing fascination with Mad Men, but this Spring, the fashion of the fifties and early sixties is kick. Bold prints, cat eye sunglasses, sweet floral, and house dresses are boss for daytime. While Muiccia Prada has done this decade in her collections for years, this Spring Rochas, Nina Ricci, Proenza Schuler and Prada are gassing up the chrome plated Cadillac and getting ready to rumble. Think the antithesis of skinny jeans and dragon tattoos. It’s the sort of cute cropped pants in bold brights, to-the-knee daytime dresses, and collared button up blouses paired with a-line skirts, you know Hilly Holbrooke and Celia Foote must have had in their closets. It’s vintage Americana that cries out for a wedge-ish shoe to drive it into this decade. For the under thirties, this could even mean making the scene with an inch or two of exposed midriff. The rest of us will still have a swell time with this trend, flexing the powerful muscle of retro-pretty.

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The ladies of THE HELP wear retro chic well.


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