Clockwise from top : Christy Turlington, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Jessica Alba work their
Theodora & Callum scarves, available at
Once thought to be the accessory reserved for flight attendants, U.N. tour guides and girl scouts, scarves have really undergone a coolifying makeover in recent years. They have moved from geek to chic and beyond. They have even become de rigeur gifties for fashion savvy politicos. In her official state visit to Washington D.C. this past March, our favorite fashionista first lady, Britain’s Samantha Cameron, gifted Mrs. Obama with a Jonathan Saunders printed silk scarf from his Cruise 2012 collection. As if Saunders wasn’t “on-the-cusp” already, that little gesture hoisted his flag up the fashion flagpole.

Four of Jonathan Saunders’ Cruise 2012 scarves. Mrs. Cameron chose the vivid blue print for Mrs. Obama.
Available at or
For those who find these kinds of international relations too politically correct, one only need look to the Nicole Richie, Gisele Bunchen, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba set to get another angle on scarfing it. Rarely are these paparazzi darlings snapped in their coolio leisure ware sans neck gear. In Nicole Richie’s case, the scarf morphs from head to neck and back again, sometimes in the same day.
Abracadabra: Nicole Richie moves her McQueen scarf (from all around.
More than dynamic shoes, charismatic sunnies or a spine-tingling bag, a scarf is the easiest way to sew up a ho-hum tee/tank and jeans into a thought-about-it look. The little piece of cloth can pop colour into a dreary ensemble, spin a maxi dress from frowzy to free-spirit, or revolve unruly hair into compliance.
Clockwise from above left: Kate Moss (in a Vassilisa Fall 2012 print from, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicole Richie, a street styler, and Gisele Bundchen get-it-going with scarves.
Which brings us to the age old query…How to tie one on? Personally I am a fan of the “free hang”, with the “once around” a close second. For those who want more from their silk or chiffon, the fashion house assimilated with scarf dressing, Hermés, delivers. Their pdf presentation will show you how to morph a square of fabric into a neck accessory, hair band, belt, top, turban or even a satchel.  Which gives a lot of miles to that gifty Sam Cam bestowed on Michelle Obama, “pwning” her hubby and the ping pong table he chose for Mr. O.

A page from the Hermes pdf “PLAYTIME” at http:/

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