The Real Housewives of East Egg

Oh grow up Mr. Nick Caraway! The era of dreaming is far from over…as long as there are catwalks there will be dreams of trends to come. One of the biggest of these for S/S12 is dressing for a Jay Gatsby party. Designers from Roberto Cavalli to Ralph Lauren to Alberta Feretti were all about beating Baz Luhrmann to the punch (he’s redone the epic film in 3D with Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan). 

Clockwise from top left: Flapper girls at Alberta Feretti, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, Sonia Rykiel and Gucci.


From left: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince do a Twenties style wedding in July 2011. Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCario and Carey Mulligan are Nick Caraway, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s redo.

Beading, fringing, and rally ready sportswear are all great ways to embrace the trend that listens for the roar of the Twenties. Think decadence and then some… gold flapper dresses, cloche hats, skirts in sumptuous fabrics that hit mid knee cap, perfect for a few turns at the Charleston. Blame it on princess Kate (no not William’s wife, the OTHER Kate (Moss that is)). Her Twenties inspired wedding in July really gave the trend street cred. That Galliano dress and perfectly pinned veil were the stuff of flapper girls’ dreams. Just be careful to keep it inspired by the era as opposed to full on costumed. Contrary to Gatsby’s belief that one could repeat the past, some things are better left interpreted through lenses of the present.

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