What to Wear When It’s Cold and Gross Out

Clockwise from top right: Mariah Carey strolls in snow; even lower heeled boots fall short in the slush; Kim K does the snowbank stretch; great shot for a mag page…not so good for real life.
We can’t sugar coat it…there are days in winter when it is cold and wet and no matter how much you want to wear them, those Louboutin booties are not made for walking. Trying to ignore the giant snowbank, a la Mariah or Kim K, is just bonkers. On the flip side we have Elle McPherson: bonafide Australian surfer girl who still knows how to dress when it’s wet and cold and heels are half-baked.

While Elle embraced her dark side, we think it’s depressing enough to be forced to closet your favorite Atwoods/Kirkwoods/Olympias (insert as needed).To that end, it’s time to seize the day, do a little creative segue shopping, and lighten the mood.

It’s so sanguine to snatch up pieces like this (bright!) gorge cashmere sweater from J.Crew (available at www.net-a-porter.com ). Pair it with a crisp oxford shirt underneath. We are partial to this adorable J.Crew pink colorblocked version (also from www.net-a-porter.com)

and some R13 skinny cropped jeans (from www.hirshleifers.com).

Go ahead and ditch the SAD energy light you thought you needed and tuck the jeans into some toasty Sorels like these graphic diamond print gems…(on SUPER sale atwww.ekseption.es).

The final flourish…a pink mongolian fur jacket like this vintage one (found atwww.shrimptoncouture.com).

Come Spring you can swap the boots out for cute flats or redo the lower portion altogether and work a flirty skirt with the sweater. But for now, you will be warm, sugary sweet and pretty much safe from the backside slide at your Sundance Film Fest appearance.

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