What a Waist of an Outfit

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, models tied one on, on the runway.

There was a time…back in the day…when tying a garment of clothing at the waist was a perfectly acceptable practice. Then came Y2K and we all embraced a sense of pristine put togetherness. Good news; that 90’s vibe of grunge-ish nonchalance has once again resurfaced, and is the ideal way to season a middle-of-the-road outfit with a bohemia flavour. A few points to keep in mind in order to pull off the unstudied vibe:LENGTH AND POSITIONING ARE KEYThe tied shirt or sweater must reach your knees. Also, you’ll have to determine if you want it tight to the waist (tailored) or relaxed on the hips (grunge).

Nicole Richie demonstrates how length and hip action work together to create the profile.

PLAID IS BAD (THE GOOD KIND OF BAD)Bold plaid prints work very well, especially with denims.

Love how Candice Swanepoel pairs plaid with white skinnies.

TRY IT WITH A MAXIThis look works so well with a longer maxi dress. It’s legit, lengthening and oh so handy in case you get a chill.

There is so much that’s good here: contrast of patterns and weights for starters.

IT TAKES SOME THOUGHT TO LOOK SO THOUGHTLESSLY CHICIf you are in solids, you have a choice. Mismatching will read grunge; colour coordinating will come off a a bit more refined. If you opt for denim with denim make certain you pair light with dark.

MK Olsen’s plaid shirt + floral mini+ dicker boots = grunge perfection.

ATTITUDE REALLY IS EVERYTHINGYou can not possibly pull this look off without a whole lotta swagger.

Ciara gets it right with a plaid shirt and a big attitude.


Having tried out the look in a number of ways my fave version by far was the top left – an entirely mismatched approach with a side of swagger.



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