Where Have All the Buttons Gone?

Celine A/W 2011: No buttons?

Dear Mr. Al Gore:
I have never been one to participate in conspiracy theories but today I am writing to report that I believe a woman by the name of Phoebe Philo, very hip designer for the label Celine, has information about global warming the rest of us are not privy to. My case in point…for her A/W 2011 collection for Celine, most of her coats were lacking buttons. When I questioned the sales associate about this odd phenomenon, while trying on some of the Celine designs, she casually dismissed my concern and was quick to point out that Phoebe herself rarely does up buttons on a coat.

Further investigation led me to discover that not only does Philo eschew buttons, but I do believe sleeves will be the next to go! She rarely puts her arms through the sleeves but prefers to jauntily toss the coat or jacket over her shoulders. My question for Ms. Philois this…how did she know the North-East, the locale where we consume a great deal of Celine designs, would have a record setting mild winter to-date that would permit this kind of activity? What does Ms. Philo know that the rest of us do not? I need to admit that I have been wearing my navy Celine princess coat as styled by Philo. In fact, when I accessorize with a copy of the International Herald Tribune or Le Monde, the effect is delightful; the stuff of Left Bank chic. Still,  this button issue begs the question: Is Paris suffering from a button shortage much the same way Norway was plagued with a butter shortage late last year? Please advise.
Very truly yours,

Phoebe Philo: No buttons, ignores sleeves.
Again Philo refuses to button or occupy sleeves.


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