Winter Weekend Wardrobes


Aerin Lauder weekends in sweaters from J.Crew men’s line, jeans and Sorels.

Ah the winter weekend wardrobe…where comfort is key and the rules are dictated by the practical, rather than the frivolous; read – what works and looks good is determined by the weather and your activity. The mood should be one of rustic luxury, with an ever so slight hint at hiswear as herwear. Texture is all-important, whether it’s knits, suedes, furs, leathers or sheepskin, you want to think “feel”. The best idea is to mix as many textures together as possible: a leather legging with a chunky sweater, a knit mini dress with a high suede boot or a sheepskin bomber with jeans and leather biker boots. Color cues from nature including charcoals, blacks, creams and woodsy-browns deliver city chic with a nod to countrified luxury. Manhattan style doyenne Aerin Lauder recently tweeted, “My winter weekend uniform consists of men’s J.Crew sweaters, Sorel Boots and Levi’s”. Brilliant look for Aspen afternoons. Alternatively, if espresso on Via Condotti is where Saturday afternoon finds you, you might want to do like Chiara Ferragni in a Russian style Ushanka fur hat, leather leggings and a whole shopper full of attitude.                    

Chiara Ferragni works leather leggings and a Ushanka fur hat for her weekend wear.


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